There are many applications where FEY Sealing rings are used, the most popular being on Rail equipment. Single and Double ring designs can be made from materials capable of operating temperatures up to 700°C. Special corrosion resistant materials are also available. Other applications include:

  • Drive Shafts
  • Trailer Axles
  • Internal Combustion Engines
  • Transmissions

Rail Seals

In 1975 FEY started supplying sealing rings to seal the journal bearings on truck wheel assemblies. Today FEY Sealing rings are found on many high speed trains like Europe’s ICE. Many subway vehicles also use FEY ring.

FEY has developed sealing solutions for both tapered and cylindrical bearings in Journal boxes. These rings are made from a corrosion resistant and heat stabilized materials. Even at high speed FEY Sealing Rings generate almost no friction minimizing box heating issues.