FEY-NA offers a broad range of services for our customers and users of FEY rings and a full range of services for all of our original equipment manufacturers, distributors and end users throughout North America. We are fully staffed to handle your design and engineering needs. We can maintain and manage your inventory needs. FEY-NA offers a full range of services in regards to design and engineering, inventory management and distribution.

Design & Engineering

Our Engineering department offers complete design capability for any of our customer’s applications. We can supply drawings for all original equipment applications so that we can provide our customers with an optimum sealing solution. All Fey-NA engineering is backed by ISO 16949 and 9001:2015 certifications.

Inventory Management

Fey-NA’s inventory management system is a comprehensive and versatile system set up to handle the inventory needs of Original Equipment Manufacturer and Distributor alike. Whether purchasing Kanban, JIT, or MRP, looking for blanket purchases or just looking for off the shelf purchasing, FEY-NA will work to help you with your inventory needs.


FEY-NA product distribution lends itself to the needs of our customers by providing special services to distributors to support their handling of the end users, and by offering over 2000 distributor destinations in North America for end users and original equipment manufacturers. Distributors can contact us to find out more about what we can offer.