Q: How do FEY sealing rings work?

A: FEY sealing rings work on a labyrinth sealing principle. Basically, the media that is being sealed against must travel through a long and narrow path to pass from one side of the sealing solution to the other. While most conventional labyrinth seals are constructed with machined tongues and grooves, the FEY sealing rings create a labyrinth within a single grooved cavity in the mating component.

Q: Can FEY retaining rings handle high shaft speeds?

A: Styles ESB and DSB, both internal style retaining rings, can handle unlimited speeds. The single wound ESW can handle speeds up to 4 m/s (13.1 ft/s) and double wound DSW can handle speeds up to 10 m/s (32.8 ft/s). Please refer to the chart on the DMS catalog page 35 for speed limitation of this style.

Q: Can FEY retaining rings handle high thrust loads?

A: Yes. Special rings are available with special cross-sections and treatments that can meet the demands of high thrust applications. FEY engineers can help you determine the correct retaining ring for your application.

Q: Can FEY rings withstand high temperatures?

A: The temperature resistance of a ring is based on the material. FK5-HFL sealing rings are designed to endure temperatures up to 700°C (1300°F). Please refer to the material selection charts in the products section for specific material temperature limitations.

Q: How do I know what size I need?

A: For existing applications, the ring size is based on the bore or shaft size that the rings seal against. The ring cross-section and thickness can be taken from their measurements or can be determined by measuring the groove depth and width. For new applications, our technical department will be happy to assist in the design phase of your project.

Q: Are FEY sealing rings difficult to install?

A: FEY rings are easily installed manually or with the assistance of an installation tool. Please refer to our installation page in the technical section for detailed installation instructions.

Q: What is a FEY ring set?

A: A FEY ring set is a group of rings used together to create a labyrinth sealing effect in a single groove in an application. Standard ring sets consist of 2, 3 or 5 rings in a set. In some sets the rings are all the same size while other sets have two different sized rings. Please refer to our products pages for more detailed information regarding specific set styles.

Q: Do I have to buy in sets?

A: It is always best to purchase and use FEY rings in designated sets.

Q: Does the ring material matter?

A: Yes. Ring materials have an optimum effectiveness up to a certain temperature. Additionally, other application environment considerations may require the use of a specific material. If you are unsure what material you need, consult with one of our experts.

Q: How do I specify the part number of the ring I need?

A: FK3  –  FK6  –   FK5

Q: What is the normal lead time?

A: FEY North America stocks many FEY ring sets that commonly used in equipment operating in North America. For items that are not stocked, please contact our customer service department for up to date lead times.

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