FEY Product Lines

FEY Laminar Rings were developed in Germany in 1946, and were initially used to seal pistons and cylinders on internal combustion engines. Hundreds of European companies have used FEY Laminar Rings to seal their manufactured equipment. The FEY ring is a uniquely designed sealing ring set. FEY Rings come in many different styles, designed specifically to handle the requirements of a particular application, making them useful in many industries. The materials, designs, manufacturing techniques and application expertise make FEY Rings, the laminar seal that provides the proper seal; not something that fits a groove.

Machining of Components

FEY rings are designed to be used in combination with a ring carrier and the shaft or bore that it is being sealed against. Here you will find general guidelines for design and fabrication of the FEY ring’s mating components.


Like many other parts, improper installation can lead to sub-standard performance. The same is true for FEY rings. In this section you will find helpful tips for manual and tool-assisted installation.


Although FEY rings can be run dry, these seals benefit greatly by using proper lubrication methods. On this page, you will find proven design suggestions that can aid in lubricating the FEY sealing rings.


Many companies that use the FEY sealing solution have very active quality control programs. Located on this page you will find the tolerances for the standard FEY ring width (RD) and radial wall thickness (RB) as well as the machined shaft/bore tolerance that should be maintained.