Tool Assisted Installation

Installation tools make the installation of FEY rings faster, easier and more repeatable when large volumes of the same size rings are being installed. Use of the installation tool also removes the potential for damaging rings by overstretching.

Tool Creation

Please consult your sales representative or our sales department if you would like FEY to develop and produce an installation tool for your size FEY ring. Alternatively, if you are creating a tool in-house or at a local machine shop and want additional information, please contact our technical department.

Ring Gap Orientation

The ring gaps should be oriented so a leak path is not created from one ring to the next. In pairs, ring gaps should be oriented approximately180° apart. For sets of three, ring gaps should be approximately120° apart. In sets of four, adjacent ring gaps should be at least 90° apart.

Installation Tool Technique

Installation of both inside and outside clamping rings is possible with an installation tool. The cones for inside clamping rings taper into the ring carrier while the cones for outside clamping rings tapers out to the rings carrier. When using the standard FEY installation tool:

1) Place the first installation cone in/on the ring carrier*.
2) Place the rings in/on the first cone with ring gaps properly oriented.
3) Drive the ring set down the first cone using the installation tool until all rings are seated properly in the groove.
4) Remove the first installation cone.
5) If there are multiple grooves in the ring carrier, use the same tool installation technique as the first groove but use the appropriate installation cone.
6) The ring carrier is now ready to be installed into the application.

*Always install rings from the furthest gap to the nearest gap.